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Modular Energy Solutions, with its proximity to the Silicon Valley and Pacific Rim markets, provides sales representatives for alternate energy systems and components manufacturers needing access to these growing markets for emerging energy technologies.
Service and Maintenance
Modular Energy Solutions has the expertise to provide service and maintenance of solar, heating, air conditioning, and fueling equipment which will evolve to integrate alternative sources with our existing energy infrastructure.  Certain services may require referral to a state-licensed general contractor.
System Integration
Modular Energy Solutions has the engineering expertise to integrate the solar photovoltaic and energy conversion and storage components into a unified system capable of reliably delivering energy with maximum use of alternative sources.
Sourcing of Green Energy-Related Goods and Services
Modular Energy Solutions will make its purchasing department available to act as an outsourcing consultant on behalf of individuals looking for specific products, services, or solutions. For a fee of $25 or 10%, whichever is greater, we will locate and handle the purchasing and delivery of products and services. Higher-value searches are subject to negotiated terms.

For more information, contact Chuck Nolan at chucknln@sbcglobal.net.



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