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Here we present links to sites of companies, government agencies, and organizations involved in the promotion and development of alternative energy.



Multichip is a family of companies that manufacture specialized electronic components. One of the companies, MDI Simulation Instrumentation, designs and fabricates standard and custom flat panel simulation displays for full motion and fixed base flight simulators. Their displays are LCD-based direct replacements for conventional CRT-based displays, providing improved reliability, simplified maintenance, and reduced power requirements.

Multichip has also done product development of fuel cells, solar arrays, and semi-custom electronic assembly.

Modular Energy Solutions is the manufacturer’s representative for Multichip.  Contact Chuck Nolan at chucknln@sbcglobal.net for information.

Palo Alto Research Center

The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, conducts pioneering interdisciplinary research in the physical, computational, and social sciences.

PARC has produced super-efficient solar systems that experts say could make photovoltaic power — sunlight converted directly into electricity — available on a large scale at prices competitive with fossil fuels for the first time. PARC's technology is one of several promising approaches in the field.

PARC Forums are held most Thursdays at 4:00pm in the George E. Pake Auditorium at PARC. Attendance is free, and most of these talks are open to the public.

Forum topics frequently include alternative energy and environmental issues. For example, a recent presentation, Scientific Challenges in Sustainable Energy Technology, by Dr. Nathan Lewis of California Institute of Technology, described and evaluated the challenges involved with the widespread adoption of alternative energy technologies.

Check the Calendar of Events for upcoming presentations.

SRI International

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations, and other organizations.

SRI is bringing multiple disciplines together to work on the complex problem of developing new energy sources and exploiting existing sources with greater cleanliness and efficiency.  SRI's Physical Sciences Division and Engineering and Systems Division are developing pioneering technologies and services in power generation, energy storage, infrastructure, and environment.

Codes and Standards

Fuel Cell / Hydrogen Infrastructure Codes & Standards

This site is dedicated to assist the worldwide community working to develop and interpret fuel cell codes and standards.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety

A monthly electronic publication of the National Hydrogen Association, with information on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety, Codes and Standards.

International Code Council

The International Code Council, a membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention, develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. Most U.S. cities, counties and states that adopt codes choose the International Codes developed by the International Code Council.

Government Agencies

US Department of Energy
Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program

Hydrogen and fuel cells have the potential to solve several major challenges facing America today: dependence on petroleum imports, poor air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. The Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program is working with partners to accelerate the development and successful market introduction of these technologies.

Natural Resources Canada
RETScreen International

The RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia. The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, life-cycle costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies (RETs).


American Hydrogen Association, Silicon Valley Chapter

American Hydrogen Association (National)

The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is a non-profit association of individuals and institutions, technical and non-technical, who are dedicated to the advancement of inexpensive, clean and safe hydrogen energy systems. The goal of AHA is to stimulate interest and help establish the renewable hydrogen energy economy by the year 2010.

To achieve this goal, the American Hydrogen Association is working in cooperation with organizations such as the IAHE, NHA, NASA, environmental groups and industry, community, and schools to promote understanding of hydrogen technology and to help create a marketplace for pollution-free hydrogen energy.

California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaboration of 31 member companies who are working together to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Members include automobile manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies and transit authorities.

National Hydrogen Association

The National Hydrogen Association is a membership organization founded by a group of ten industry, university, research, and small business members in 1989. Today the NHA’s membership has grown to over 100 members, including representatives from the automobile industry; the fuel cell industry; aerospace; federal, state, and local government; energy providers; and many other industry stakeholders.

US Fuel Cell Council

The US Fuel Cell Council is an industry association dedicated to fostering the commercialization of fuel cells in the United States. Members include the world's leading fuel cell developers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Fuel Cells 2000

Fuel Cells 2000 is an online fuel cell information resource of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI), a non-profit independent educational organization that identifies and promotes environmental and energy technologies that can improve the human condition.

Download the Fuel Cell Reference Charts of vehicles, buses, and fueling stations from Fuel Cells 2000.

Sustainable Business Resources


Sustainable Industries




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