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Modular Energy Solutions was intially founded to bring an affordable hydrogen fueling system to the market to accelerate the transition from carbon based fuels to green hydrogen. As with emerging technologies, there were significant delays in the production of fuel cell vehicles. We retain the original name, as with the rapid evolution of emerging technologies, modular design facilitates continuous improvement, manufacturing, and after sales support. The modern economy consists of many mutually beneficial resources and technologies. With decades of research, attending formal classes, events, and networking, we have found that few advisors get deeply involved in emerging technologies and the related evolving markets. Our passion has grown to fill this knowledge gap, and to accelerate the process of bringing new knowledge to the benefit of the public. For example, it took decades for solar panels to drop in cost from $75.00 per watt to $0.50 per watt.

For quite some time, we have read reports and seen the statistics of the horrible odds that face today's innovators, who wish to serve us with new and better solutions. We have seen the way even well establsihed companies frequently fail in delivering newer technologies, as did General Motors with their EV1.

From decades of painful experience was born the concept of how to give hope to most, where their passion to serve results in an open mind to listen to the people that they hope to serve and then to help them go out and assemble the knowledge and resources to deliver real value and solutions through the methods of the Do-It-Yourself Accelerator.

As most founders are specialists in one area or another, it is our mission to fill in the gaps, including researching the technology and the evolving markets. A sustainable business plan is the goal, not the big win of the unicorns that more traditional VC seem to focus on. Time will tell if this more broad approach will prove out as an alternative.

Complimentary reviews of executive summaries and new product specifications, allow us to determine if there is potential in collaborating with founders, investors, and other more specialized advisors.

Our Mission

Decades ago, we formed a team to develop an affordable and reliable small scale hydrogen fueling solution. I saw fueling as a critical issue in bring fuel cell vehicles to the market. As the availability of fuel cell vehicles continued to lag the projections of Ford and others, the project was stopped at the paper design phase, though our patentable pressure balancing technology was actually bench tested.

Pivoting as most surviving startups do, the goal now is to use this experience to help those whose passion to serve opens their minds. We just hate to see so many good people failing in trying to serve good people.

Today, the greatest barrier to bringing new technologies to the general public continues to be the over specialization encouraged by our formal educational system, with no balancing path to the CEO role. We continue to depend on people like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison, who defy the academic system, defining their own path to critical and innovative knowledge. In rare cases, people like Milton Chang, Ph.D., are able to learn the many critical skills that it takes to build sustainable ventures. For this reason, we strongly recommend his book, Toward Entrepreneurship to all wishing to improve their odds of business survival. This book is one of many resources that we share with people in our Do-It-Yourself Accelerator program. We will continue to add books to the Book section found on our Publications pages.

For example, climate change and unpredictable weather have made food production an even worse form of gambling than it has been for centuries. Our focus here is to accelerate the migration from mostly manual labor to highly automated indoor agriculture, improving the availability of affordable fresh produce, while reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment. With indoor agriculture water usage is typically 10% of traditional open field agriculture.

In preparing to bid on the update of a local city's climate change mitigation plan, we took much of what we learned and integrated it into a paper, "Towers and Green Belts" that updates and adds to the concepts first suggested by Frank Lloyd Wright. This paper is provided as a public service to both officals and even students, who request it.

Our Team

We are expanding our teams that will continue to be unique in the incredible differences and varied experience of the people that make up our new teams, primarily indenpendent contractors. There are thousands of contacts in our indexed database of resources that we add to regularly. We have found that many of the most experienced professionals, prefer to avoid the traditional corporate bureaucracy, and we can provide flexible structure and support to a collaborating team of advisors.

We are proud members of PATCA, a resource for experienced consultants and project managers. To learn more about PATCA, you are invited to visit their website at

As a company of the future, we are uniquely positioned to develop, deliver, and support the high technology products of the future. Let us help you bring new solutions to the benefit of humanity.

We are looking for founders and strategic partners. Applicants should send email stating what role they might play and what they want to get in return.


Company Profile

Modular Energy Solutions provides resources, products, and services which assist founders, investors, and more specialized advisors in delivery badly needed solutions. In an environment of rapidly changing technologies, we will continue to identify and develop new modular solutions for our customers, in addition to advising. We look forward to working with other companies in bringing new solutions to society.

In cases where we develop technical solutions that are not paid for by the target client, we retain these concepts as trade secrets. For example, we have done extensive work in fuel cell vehicle design and fueling. Our design, reduces the risk of fire and provides improved protection to the passenger cell in compressive collisions.

Modularity is an important part of our philosophy in physical product design. This allows for greater flexibility in applications, service, and upgrading.

Over decades, we have researched and indexed a massive amount of information in support of various past projects. Hard copy and textbooks simply add to the vast amount of online information that is bookmarked, as well. The "PUBICATIONS tab will take you to a page showing some of the more useful information resources.

Today, we work with international companies of all sizes and structures, offering the benefits of our long journey in adjusting business plans in the dynamic chaos of emerging technologies. We have identified thousands of capable approved suppliers, organizations, and individuals, who are critical in developing, testing, and manufacturing new products.

In order to avoid wasting our time and the time of the client, we provide a complimentary review of the executive summary or product specifications, as do most professional service providers.

Potential partners, vendors, and customers are invited to e-mail our president at


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