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We are forming a new team and pivoting from hydrogen fueling to mentoring startups in technologies, such as indoor agricultural automation that could include our hydrogen fueling technology and our general purpose docking system. As in the case of our experience in the semiconductor industry, automation will come in steps.

Climate change and unpredictable weather have made food production an even worse form of gambling , than it has been for centuries. Our focus here is to accelerate the migration of automated indoor agriculture, improving the availability of fresh produce and reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment. For example, with indoor agriculture water usage is typically 10% of traditional open field agriculture.

Our Mission

Decades ago, we formed a team to develop an affordable and reliable small scale hydrogen fueling solution. As the availability of fuel cell vehicles continued to lag the projections of Ford and others, the project was stopped at the paper design phase, though our patentable pressure balancing technology was actually bench tested. The major goal continues to be assisting in the evolution to more sustainable processes and technologies in response to climate change and social awareness.

Today, the greatest barrier to bringing new technologies to the general public continues to be the specialization encouraged by our formal educational system, with no balancing path to the CEO role. We continue to depend on people like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison, who defy the academic system, defining their own path to knowledge. In rare cases, people like Milton Chang, Ph.D., are able to learn the many critical skills that it takes to build sustainable ventures. For this reason, we strongly recommend his book, Toward Entrepreneurship to all wishing to improve their odds of business survival.

Today, we work with international companies of all sizes and structures, offering the benefits of our long journey in adjusting business plans in the dynamic chaos of emerging technologies. We have identified thousands of capable approved suppliers, organizations, and individuals, who are critical in developing and manufacturing new products.

Our Team

We are expanding our team that will continue to be unique in the incredible differences and varied experience of the people that make up our new teams. primarily indenpendent contractors. We have found that many of the most experienced professionals, prefer to avoid the traditional corporate bureaucracy, where we provide the support of a collaborative team, without the frustrations of now obsolete 9 to 5 day in the office. We collaborate with people, who deliver consistent value, not wage slaves, serving their sentences and praire dogging in cubical filled rooms.

We are proud members of PATCA, a resource for experienced consultants and project managers. To learn more about PATCA, you are invited to visit their website at www.patca.org... 

As a company of the future, we are uniquely positioned to develop, deliver, and support the high technology products of the future. Let us help you bring new solutions to the benefit of humanity.

We are looking for founders and strategic partners. Applicants should send email stating what role they might play and what they want to get in return.

Email:  chucknln@sbcglobal.net

Company Profile

Modular Energy Solutions provides resources, products, and services which assist our customers in the transition to sustainable energy.  In an environment of rapidly changing technologies, we will continue to identify and develop new modular solutions for our customers.  We look forward to working with other companies in the energy business. 

Modularity is an important part of this philosophy. As is implied by our name, our products are designed to be modular.  This allows for greater flexibility in applications, service, and upgrading.  We are presently willing to allow individuals or companies to buy modules or even manufacture their own versions based on our designs.

In order to avoid wasting our time and the time of the client, we provide a complimentary review of the executive summary or project outline, as do most professional services providers.

Potential partners, vendors, and customers are invited to e-mail our president at chucknln@sbcglobal.net



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