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Understanding Why Startups Fail

The Importance of Pivoting

    Once a startup has identified a problem and come up with a possible solution, the key, which we learned from Emma's paper, is to listen closely to these potential customers. Few successful companies follow a straight path to survival, but most find a need to pivot, as they develop a deeper knowledge of the target market. Sometimes, they pivot to a niche market, where they can grow outside of the more competitive mainstream markets. Other times, they identify a more open market. Again the key is to carefully listen to potential customers.

    Our next report is from Alexander Jarvis: "Before they were famous. 15 startup pivot to fame." can be downloaded from subscriber_id=678192789

    It is important to note that pivoting a software based product is much simplier than fixing the design of a fuel cell that is unreliable. Our team has the depth of resources to change the complete design approach or to migrate a design from the lab to volume manufacturing.

Resources for Understanding Sustainable Living

    The changing sources of Energy available for our children during the 21íst Century through 2050 represent one of the most critical long-term challenges to our infrastructure and way of life.

    Cal Tech

      One of the best overviews of this that I have found is from the supply side: "Nathan Lewis presents Global Energy Perspective: Scientific Challenges in Sustainable Energy Technology" can be accessed from

    Net Zero Farms

      Netzero Farms is just one example of the many things that can provide immediate mitigation of climate change effects and reduce our human impact on the environment: "Net Zero Farms in Almeria, Spain" can be accessed from

    How to Aquaponic

      As interest in sustainable food production grows, more and more people are asking, what is aquaponics. Aquaponic gardening is a farming method that is recirculating the freshwater from aquaculture, fish farming, into hydroponic systems where plants are cultivated. The plants draw nutrients from the water and it is recycled for reuse by the aquatic animals. Get an introduction at: "How to Aquaponic" can be accessed from

    U.S. Government Department of Energy

      The U.S. Government Department of Energy is a rich and and every expanding repository of knowledge related to all aspects of energy: "U.S. Government Department of Energy" can be accessed from

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

      The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a rich and and every expanding repository of knowledge related to all aspects of environmental protection. Even such subjects as radon emission mitigation can be found on this site: "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency" can be accessed from

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