Service and Maintenance

      Modular Energy Solutions has the expertise to provide field service and maintenance of industrial equipment. With decades of experience in equipment and manufacturing engineering, we provide input for an ISO-9001 style of continuous improvement. Experience as an ISO-9001 auditor, provides a more structured approach to maintaining customer satisfaction than the traditional fire fighter style of many. Our team of qualified suppliers, provide sources of off-the-shelf spare parts, materials, and a vast array of fabrication providers.

    System Integration

      Modular Energy Solutions has the engineering expertise to integrate a vast array of equipment into smoothly functioning and documented systems. We continuously research new technologies and add new qualified suppliers to our database. Our experience in building new manufacturing lines, facilitates our project management ability to work with specialized fabricators and contractors.

    Purchasing Services

      Modular Energy Solutions has the engineering expertise to qualify suppliers to an equivalent to the ISO-9001 process, without the registration and outside audit costs that are always passed on to customers. We have decades of experience in compliance with import and export regulations, providing spare parts and technical advice to our offshore customers.

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